NEW RIDERS - Welcome

Welcome to Wainuiomata BMX club. This page will give basic information to riders and parents who are new to BMX. Use this page as a guide to getting started. Remember, the best way to get information about BMX is to come to the track and ask all the other riders and parents.
Club race day is Saturday 2.30pm registration, 3pm racing. Training is Wednesday evening 5.45-7pm, where you will learn how to start correctly and how to better ride the other parts of the track.

What is BMX racing?
BMX racing is a sprint around a track with obstacles and turns, against other riders with the object of getting to the finish as quick as possible.

What do I need to race?
- 20" or 24" BMX Style bike
- A good helmet (Full face helmet when you become a member)
- Long sleeve shirt
- Long pants
- Gloves (gardening type will be OK to begin with)
- Club membership & a BMX licence (see membership page)

Will my bike be acceptable?
Any BMX style bike can be used to race but some alterations need to be made before it can be raced on the track. The reflectors, pegs, front brake, kick stand and chain guard need to be removed.(These items can come loose or fall off and cause injury to yourself or a fellow rider)
Your bike should be mechanically sound and have effective brakes on the rear wheel.

Who will I race?
Riders your own age
Riders your own skill level
Up to 8 riders in each race.(Moto)

Is BMX dangerous?
If you do not wear a helmet or do not follow proper safety precautions it can be.
If you wear your protective gear and follow all safety precautions, it is no more dangerous than any other sport.
As you get more experienced and faster you may wish to wear extra protection in the way of elbow pads, chest protectors and neck brace. This will help protect your body if you have a crash.

You need to register each day so you can be put into your correct age group or skill level. You can try BMX for 3 weeks, just $2 a day and if you wish to continue racing after that you will be asked to become a member.
If you are really nervous and feel you need a "buddy" to help you get through your first race, ask when you register for the day and someone in your age group will show you the ropes.
Practice the whole track, so that you know what to expect during a race. Also practice the gate so you feel comfortable with it's operation. Talk to other riders if unsure of anything.

Listen for an announcement "Riders to the pits". Come to the start area with your bike and all your gear on ready to race. Listen for your name and lane number and move to that lane and wait. Move up to the gate when it is your turn. Listen to the starter.

The gate drops, what can I expect?
You will hear the word "PEDAL!" a lot, and you should listen to the spectators and pedal. Always give your best effort, don't give up and have FUN! Keep pedalling until you cross the finish line. You will get better, you will get faster the more you race.

The race is over, what now?
Ride up to the finish board numbers in your finish order. Shake hands with your fellow riders. Move off the track and listen for your next race. Enjoy that! Come along for more racing next week.